the year of the overlooked

The Year of the Overlooked (A Prophetic Word for 2022)

The Lord says, “2022 is the year of the overlooked.”

“And, I AM extending an invitation to those who have been overlooked and forgotten by people. I AM inviting you to enter into your long-awaited inheritance. That inheritance includes new territory, unusual fruitfulness and a fresh and far greater anointing, though it may not include increased visibility or acclaim in the eyes of man.”

“However, be aware that these inheritances are not automatic. You must possess your territory in practice, not just receive it in theory or on paper. This will require an entirely new mind set as well as significant warfare, significant fortitude.”

“So, allow me to train your hands for war and your fingers for battle. Allow me to root your heart in My love and your feet on the Rock. Repent of your double-mindedness and fully commit to My plans. Do not be afraid, I will be with you, just as I have promised.”

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