the displacement and replacement of unrighteous leadership

The Displacement and Replacement of Unrighteous Leadership (A Prophetic Word for 2022)

I see major changes in leadership. The end of the decades’ long tenure of unrighteous leaders. Do not be discouraged when those leaders are replaced by what would appear to be “more of the same”, for I will only allow their sons and daughters to rule for a year or two before they too are displaced.

And, the Lord says, “In the meantime, I am at work raising up and multiplying enlightened leaders who will be righteous rulers. I am raising up and multiplying worshiping warriors who are skilled in battle. I am raising up sons and daughters who are rooted in the truth that I AM Father.”

“So, make room for intimacy. Beloved, there is no multiplication without intimacy, no fruit without abiding. So set time aside to abide with Me and soak in My affection.”

“Do not be dismayed when you see division, separation, reassignment and realignment as if that is always bad. For while it is true that the enemy seeks to divide that which I have brought together, he also seeks to join that which I have separated.”

“As I did at creation, I will once again speak, separating the light from the darkness, the day from the night.”

“As I did in the days of Moses, I will once again make a distinction between those who are My people and those who are not yet My people.”

“I will do this so that both may know that I AM the Lord.”

“So, My sons and daughters, live as children of the light; separating yourself from the darkness of sin and shame so that you can answer My call to “arise and shine for your light has come and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you.””

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