Coaching that Transforms

All of us need help along the way; whether it is discerning between the options, overcoming obstacles, creating a strategic action plan, solving a specific problem or simply growing in our own identity.

Let me help you by listening, coaching, asking questions and providing insights. I love helping people reframe their situations in a way that opens up new possibilities and releases hope and energy.

I have helped churches and non-profits clarify their visions and values, and create strategic plans. I have helped individuals clarify their paths and understand who they are and find their passion and purpose. 

Coaching options, that work for you.


I get it, getting advice and coaching is not a one size fits all situations. There needs to be some kind of chemistry for it to really generate great results. Contact me to set up a time to connect and see whether I’m the right person to help you move forward in life.

The Quick Breakthrough

Let me work with you to reframe one specific problem and come up with a new perspective and/or new ideas.

Series of 4

We will connect for four one-hour sessions focused on your top priorities.

Onsite strategic planning facilitation

Let me come to you and facilitate your team discussions around your vision, values and goals and help you come up with a strategic plan.

What people have to say

Change starts with a single step

That step is as simple as contacting us about a free 30 minute personal coaching consultation.

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