Five Smooth Stones: #4. Supernatural Victory Through Prophetic Intelligence

Around the turn of the year, I felt the Father invite me to ask Him for prophetic insight into 2021. When I did, He encouraged me to ponder the 20:21s in scripture (chapter 20 verse 21) and their contexts. As I did so, He gave me five words.

Supernatural Victory Through Prophetic Intelligence

Papa says
Where the enemy has overstepped and overreached, I will give you grace to come out of appeasement and restore and rebuild your boundaries

Where he has threatened you, I will give you supernatural insight that will release victory in seemingly impossible situations

Where he has threatened your livelihood, I will pour out provision into your lap, the spoils of war for the works of the kingdom

Where he has crafted weapons to be used against you, I will enable you to take them and use them to destroy his works

So, I prophesy turnaround and I prophesy breakthrough, in Jesus Name.

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