Five Smooth Stones: #3. Sovereign Dealings of the Father

Around the turn of the year, I felt the Father invite me to ask Him for prophetic insight into 2021. When I did, He encouraged me to ponder the 20:21s in scripture (chapter 20 verse 21) and their contexts. As I did so, He gave me five words.

Sovereign Dealings of the Father

Papa says
Do not be surprised or dismayed when you see my sovereign dealings,

For I will have sovereign dealings with individuals and sovereign dealings with families. I will have sovereign dealings with churches and sovereign dealings with organizations and even nations.

There will be sovereign warnings and sovereign silences, sovereign interventions and sovereign delays, sovereign mercies and sovereign consequences, sovereign exposures and sovereign shakings, sovereign passings and sovereign healings.

So, trust Me and do not lean on your own understanding or be wise in your own eyes.

And, yield your own heart to Me once more and allow Me to deal sovereignly with you also, for your good and My glory.

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