Five Smooth Stones: #2. Overcoming Opposition

Around the turn of the year, I felt the Father invite me to ask Him for prophetic insight into 2021. When I did, He encouraged me to ponder the 20:21s in scripture (chapter 20 verse 21) and their contexts. As I did so,  He gave me five words.

Overcoming Opposition

Papa says
This year, as you humble yourself and submit to Me and My leading, I will enable you to navigate opposition well.

I will enable you to discern when to adjust, when to walk away and when to stand up and speak out.
I will work on your behalf to get you into your place, your promise, your territory, your assignment.

I will also work on your behalf to get you ready for being in that place, receiving that promise, staking that territory and fulfilling that assignment.

I will shield you from the traps and schemes that would seek to sidetrack you from the things that I have for you as you keep your focus on Me and My kingdom.

Though the opposition may seem fierce and overboard at times, do not be overwhelmed by it, for I have already overcome and I am teaching you how to become an overcomer.

This is training for reigning, my son, my daughter.

So, don’t expect it to be easy. But do expect to grow and ultimately to win.

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