Many people feel stuck, stagnant or just plain bored in their spiritual life. We are here to help you find breakthroughs and new momentum.

Our schools are designed to:

  • Reconnect you with the heart of the Father, bringing healing to your pain and trauma and enabling you to grow in your identity.
  • Invite you into thinking more like Jesus, bringing transformation to your past, present and future.
  • Give you a practical approach to growing and moving in spiritual gifts.

Schools, that work for you.

School of the heart

This is our signature school, introducing you to the heart of the Father and opening up space to receive healing from past wounds and a new understanding of your unique identity.

Length: 1-2 days

School of the mind

Learn to think like Jesus by tearing down strongholds and developing new mind sets.

Length: 1-2 days

School of the Spirit

Get hands on training in how to grow and minister in the gift of prophecy and other spiritual gifts.

Length: 1-2 days

Watch this video for three keys to growing in your understanding of God as your Dad.

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What attendees have to say


From Thailand to Belize, we’ve ministered worldwide for more than a decade. Sharing our schools with believers across the nations is, and always will be, at the heart of our work.

The generosity of our monthly and one-time givers enables people in other nations to experience our schools.

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